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Recent market development focuses on nanorobotics developed by nanotechnology. A robot constructed with nanomaterials that permits the perfection of common problems with nanoscale issues or control with the nanoscale assurance of similar kinds of bias is more affiliated with microscopy or testing microscopy, as opposed to the definition of nanorobots as a nuclear machine. Nanorobotics, including unequivocal plan issues like detection, power correspondence, route, control, movement, and onboard computation, has been introduced in the clinical setting of nanomedicine by Robert Freitas.


  • Track 1-1  Bio-nanorobotics , Medical robots

Nanoscience plays a key role in the market of nanotechnology. It is the study of patches, titles, and objects whose size is on the nanometer scale. Patches are a couple of tenths of a nanometer in the periphery, and titles are generally a couple of nanometers in size. Nanoscience is an invention aimed at the nanoscale. It's the application and study of nanomaterials linked with little effects that can be employed in the wide range of colorful fields of wisdom like biology, drugs, chemistry, engineering, and accessories.


  • Track 2-1  scanning probe microscopy, Nanofabrication, Functional Nanoparticles , Nanomaterials, Molecular Engineering , Bionanotechnology.
  • Track 2-2  Biomedical Nanotechnology, Computational Nanotechnology, Environmental Nanotechnology, Nanocatalysis, Nanodevices, Nanoelectronics, Nanofabrication, Nanomaterials.

Nanoparticles are patches in nanomaterials, nearly in the range of 1 and 100 nanometers (nm) in size, with an encompassing interfacial sub-caste. The interfacial subcaste is a necessary piece of nanoscale matter, on a veritably introductory position, impacting the wholeness of its parcels. The interfacial subcaste regularly comprises patches and inorganic and natural titles. Natural patches covering inorganic nanomaterials are known as stabilizers, coverings, face ligands, or passivating specialists. As of now, they're being employed in the assembly of scratchproof eyeglasses and break-safe maquillages, and soon, nanoparticles will show different new parcels concerning mass material.


Nanophysics has a great impact on the global market and it is nearly between the size scales of amount mechanics and possible wisdom represented by the laws of Newton and Einstein. The right utilization of nanophysics which paves the way for the enhancement of nanotechnology is the material wisdom of constructions and bones with measures in the nano cadence range or of sensations passing in jiffs. The Master’s program in Nanomaterials and Nanophysics centers around planning, creating, and controlling accouterments and parts with measures on the Nanoscale, for illustration from 1 to 100 nm.


  • Track 4-1  Nano Optics, Nano Energy

Nanomaterials depict, on a basic level, materials of which a single unit is measured (in any event one measurement) somewhere in the range of 1 and 1000 nanometers however is normally 1—100 nm which occupies a major role in the nanotechnology industry.



  • Track 5-1  Carbon nanotubes, Semiconductor nanowires, 2-D Materials, Nanoplasmonic structures, Supramolecular assemblies, Polymer-nanomaterial composites,

Functional nanomaterials are the reason for late-rising nanotechnologies for colorful operations in the market. Nanomaterials with colorful kinds of morphologies and instantiations have been generally delved, into and show colorful kinds of value in ranges, for case, electronic construction, optic goods, turn factors, and gas distinguishing. Because of the state of the cultural definition and new creation strategies, nanomaterials are by and by crucial to different orders, including accouterments wisdom, wisdom, material wisdom, structure, and drug. This excellent volume presents a separate illustration of late examination marches on precious nanomaterials, including blend, definition, and operations.


  • Track 6-1  inorganic-based Nanomaterials, carbon-based nanomaterials, organic-based nanomaterials, Composite-based nanomaterials

Nanotechnology holds few responses in the market for how we may expand the capacities of widgets when we dwindle their weight and force application. Nanowidgets and inventions made from nanomaterials are generally employed in all corridors of current life. Life safety, healthcare, transportation, computing, energy, and telecommunications are some of the industries benefiting from the development of nanoelectronic operations.


  • Track 7-1  Nanoparticle,GrapheneNanostructure,Nanotubes,Nanowires,Nanofibers,Nanostructured Material

In nanomaterials, nanochemistry has another discipline concerned with the market for the extraordinary parcels related to gatherings of patches or titles on a scale between that of the individual structure blocks and the mass nanomaterial. Nanochemistry uses the application of nanotechnology in finagled wisdom to make nanoscale structure places of desired shape, size, conflation, face design, charge, and utility, with an optional ideal to control tone. The gathering of these structure blocks at different scale lengths.


  • Track 8-1  carbon-based, Metal-based, Dendrimers, Nanocomposites.

The scope of material science in the global market of nanotechnology is increasing day by day. Accouterments wisdom and engineering is an order that manages the disclosure and planning of new substances. The disquisition in nanomaterial mechanical capability remembers for transmission electron microscopy in state-of-the-art substances innovative moxie, marches of accouterments mechanical skill, mining, and metallurgy, power substances, there are 50 specialties and a marketable center to the development of nanotechnology. The strength associated with the marketable center changed to anticipated to be high. Digging and metallurgy for a piece of the pie of 68.3 in 2014 are anticipated to develop at 8.3 through 2020. 18 new examination errands can be carried out through the year 2021.


  • Track 9-1  Biomaterials,Ceramic Science and Engineering, Magnetic Materials, Energy Materials, Polymers

The global target of any designed system for the planning of nanomaterials is to manufacture nanomaterials that have a new property for operations that is a result of their trademark length scale being in the nanometer range (1–100 nm). The association of nanomaterials in a slim film structure is constantly important to deliver this utilitarian and functional outcome. also, the made fashion should show control of size in this range, with the ideal that either property can be achieved. There are two general systems for the combination of nanomaterials and the manufacture of nanostructures.


  • Track 10-1  Physical Methods, Chemical Methods, Biological Method of synthesis, Carbon Allotropes

These empty and barrel-shaped carbon nanotubes have crazy parcels, which are significant for widgets, optics, nanotechnology, and the colorful fields of accouterments, wisdom, and invention. Nanocarbon accouterments for case, graphene, carbon nanotubes (CNTs), and fullerenes secure phenomenal parcels. Carbon nanomaterials propose their mileage as high versatility electronic accessories. Plus, the capability to tune the band opening of semiconducting CNTs through control of distance across allows outstanding openings to be re-tried in optic and optoelectronic parcels. The parcels of nanocarbon are remarkably dependent upon their union.


  • Track 11-1  Carbon Nanotubes , Carbon-Based Quantum Dots​,Nanodiamonds, Fullerenes

The term nano coating in the market of nanotechnology knocks out many nano measures. These slim pictures that are associated with shells each together make or upgrade a nanomaterial’s functionalities. Nanocoatings in the nanomaterials are nano-estimated patches that contain a kind of mineral or emulsion that's generally painted onto a face, generally a machine or commodity like that, to help the device in a wide variety of ways. Nanocoatings offer significant benefits for operations in the assurance, restorative, aviation, oil painting, and marine associations, which have driven directors to combine multi-helpful coatings in their effects.


  • Track 12-1  Inorganic passive coatings, Diamond-like carbon coatings, Tribocorrosion of hard coatings

Nanomaterials have a wide variety of systems inside their colorful inventions. The different fields of design related to specifics and wisdom have an enormous effect on nanotechnology inside the enhancement. The applications of the nanomaterial in colorful fields comprise tackle, indefatigable and manageable power, detectors, and selectors for PC operations report associations, nano magnetics related to print catalysis, and a lot of other noteworthy things, such as coming period PC chips, kinetic force( KE) penetrators with further favorable lethality, better sequestration accouterments, phosphors for description television, low-cost flat-panel shows, further worrisome and more worrisome slice accouterments, disposal of impurity, and a Batteries, gratuitous force attractions, high-perceptivity detectors, and machines with further prominent gas proficiency.



  • Track 13-1   Nanomaterials-based biosensors, Carbon nanomaterials

Graphene-based nanomaterials can be biocompatible with or toxic to biological cells. The response of living cells to these nanomaterials is highly dependent on the number of layers, lateral size, purity, dose, surface chemistry, and hydrophilicity. The surface chemistry of graphene nanomaterials is very different because different strategies have been used for their synthesis and different molecules or polymers are available for surface functionalization.


  • Track 14-1  2D materials beyond graphene, Silver nanoparticles loaded graphene-poly-vinylpyrrolidone , Hydrogels, Graphene in “Stretchable” Electronics Applications